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1Pcs X360RUN Glitcher With 96Mhz Crystal Oscillator Build For Slim XBOX360 bb

Ebay ID: 121929642993
Местоположение товара: CN, Shanghai
Состояние: New
Цена на 3.83 $
Цена с доставкой: 3.83 $

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Цена: 4.79 $
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1Pcs X360RUN Glitcher With 96Mhz Crystal Oscillator Build For Slim XBOX360
Notes before placing orders:
  • In most cases, if choose economy shipping, shipping time is about 20 to 35 days.
  • Please contact us before opening dispution, we promise to solve every problem carefully.
  • We are NOT responsible for any custom duty or import tax.
  • It is perfectly compatible with all X-BOX360 Slim machine.
  • It used the high performance and high frequency pulse-attack chip.
  • It has the more precisely pulse-attack boot time in an instant.
  • It is comprehensive to upgrade and replace the Matrix Glitcher and Xecuter Coolrunner Glitcher Board.
  • Support Corona and Trinity slim machine.
  • High Performance of the pulse-attack chip,the working frequency can reach at 96MHz,the more precisely pulse-attack,and can be refined to adjust the attacking parameter.
  • So far the least external components,using the higt quality components to manufacture,perfect design and high reliability.
  • So far the Minimum PCB size,easily to install and fix.
  • So far the most simple installation and debugging,with the two pulse single line with 4-7cm.
  • By jumping the wire to make it short, yon can have machine selection and parameter adjustment,it does not need to program by software.
  • Booth time almost in 30 seconds.
  • Not fit for the Slim XBOX360 which make after Nov 22.2013 with Windband or Toshiba memory.
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