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10 Gallon Fish Tank Divider with NO Holes. (No Suction Cups Required)

Ebay ID: 152772521742
Местоположение товара: US, Largo, Florida
Состояние: New
Цена на 17.99 $
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Цена: 21.59 $
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Please check tank sizing before buying.

10 Gallon tank
Actual size: Width minimum 9 7/8inches to maximum 10 1/4 inches
Height minimum 11 1/2 inches to maximum 12 inches

They only fit...

Aqueon basic $1 per gallon sale tanks 20.3"L x 10.5"W x 12.6"H
Aqueon basic 10 gallon kit. 20.3"L x 10.5"W x 12.6"H

Listing is for DIVIDER ONLY.

**It works best in a tank with substrate and is not suitable for bare bottom tanks.
**The divider will NOT work in a rimless tank.

The dividers are easy to install and maintain. They will come with a full instruction sheet. They are made from a solid material and are very sturdy. The divider is black and has been designed with no holes throughout it so the Betta fish can rarely see each other making for a stress free environment. It is also good for separating guppies. We do not recommend it for new born guppies. We use it once our guppies are 3-4 weeks old when starting to separate them into male and female.

Things to note before buying.
These dividers are not flimsy like mesh dividers and will require filtration in each section to help with water flow. We recommend mini sponge filters as the flow can be adjusted.

Made in the USA. 

NO Returns. Please check tank sizes before ordering.

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